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We provide a complete range of products that cater to your sexual well-being. From pills that give you stamina to capsules that give you irrepressible energy. works the best and we have left no stone unturned to bring it to you.

Strengthens Erectile Power and Improves Sexual Potency

Does your erectile dysfunction leave you with feelings of inadequacy and failure? Do you view yourself as less of a man because this problem is on your mind day in and day out? Don't waste even one more day of your life suffering from erectile dysfunction! Treating the problem of erectile dysfunction with natural erectile dysfunction treatment pills may be one of the best options for sufferers. Natural remedies may provide a less invasive option to cure this problem, without the side effects that can often be associated with other treatments such as prescription medication or surgical options. Hard Rock natural erectile dysfunction capsule is guaranteed to get rid of your erection problems and prevent erectile dysfunction. Take control of your own sexual abilities and cure the problem that is leaving you feeling limp – stop erectile dysfunction today by giving Hard Rock pills a try! They could change your whole life for the better!

There are conditions like physical factors, psychological factors, nervousness, anxiety, stress, tiredness, consumption of antidepressants and anxiety drugs that can have an impact on ejaculation and cause premature ejaculation or PE. Hard Rock capsule works by stimulating hormones and eliminate stress that causes this condition. It ensures blood flow in the body and to genital organ. The genital organ becomes healthy through the absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins. The body becomes healthy. The overall health is maintained.

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Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection for intercourse. It can make or break the self-confidence of a man as it is the key factor that contributes to manhood.


There are not many symptoms of erectile dysfunction other than not getting it up. However the causes can be many as male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels, at times any two of these or any one of this can hamper your sexual enthusiasm. A few common ones are depression, alcohol use, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure that can end in feeling sexually unsatisfied


There are many treatments prescribed for erectile dysfunction. The most effective is oral medication which helps relax the muscles in the penis increasing the blood flow which is absolutely necessary for sexual response and stimulation. We at Hashmi’s provide a wide range of products from Tila oil to make your penis strong to energy plus for sound treatment.

Self Management

It is the responsibility of every individual to care about all aspects of his health. The more the distance between a man and his sexual activities grow the more alienated he feels from his true animal self. We all owe it to ourselves that we take care of our primary feeling so that we don’t stuff them and feel bad for ourselves.