Obesity Leads To Less Satisfying Your Sex Life

by in General Health June 7, 2023

Obesity can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, & now studies also show that obese women suffer from lower sexual satisfaction leading to an overall lower sexual quality of life. Being obese not only has adverse effect on the general quality of life (can lead to heart problems, diabetes etc.) but can also create intimacy issues.

The reasons for lower quality of sex life for obese people are both physical & psychological. Being overweight means that there is restricted physical movement due to excessive fat & the lack of exercise means that there is not much stamina which is needed to enjoy sex.

A lot of obese people, especially women are very conscious of their physical appearance, generally leading to lower self esteem, which makes sexual intimacy that much more uncomfortable for them.

If one is obese it is obvious that making changes like monitoring their diet, incorporating exercises in their daily routine etc are important to improve their overall & sexual health, but it is also as important to feel good about themselves, to be able to accept their own physicality & realize that they can still enjoy their sex life in-spite of being overweight.

Discussing issues about their sex life is uncomfortable for most people & obese folks are no different. But there are qualified sexologists & sex therapists that can help them in understanding & resolving their sexual health related concerns. It is important to reach out for help & not suffer unnecessarily.

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