About Us

Hashmi Dawakhana is a centre for brilliance in natural treatment – symbolic of a current clinic with a mission to endorse preventive and corrective treatment with world-class practices and competencies. From being a lonely clinic started by Hakeem Hashmi and exclusively run by him in UP, India in 1929, the company has came a long approach to its present state. Today, Hashmi Dawakhana is one of the world’s largest series of natural virtual clinics and has a network of virtual patient services catering to all cities of India and abroad.

Throughout the record of this company, superlative health services have always been the hallmark of Hashmi Dawakhana which has symbolized the position of a guiding idol, changing the way natural medicine is professed in India. It has played an original role in putting India on the universal natural map and drafting a new league of naturopathy.

Today people from all over the world appointment Hakeem Hashmi’s Positive Health centre to experience the profit of natural treatment for any and all kinds of ailments either by private or online and offline discussion.

Hakeem Hashmi’s Positive Health centre takes delight in the mission to provide the top quality and the highest values of services that percolate down to all the levels in the association. Everyone in the institute and those connected with it strive for brilliance in whatever that they do. Measuring the degree of consumer satisfaction was the fundamental idea on which Hakeem Hashmi’s commitment to being a patient-driven institution was built.

Today, using online platform we have created a system which backed by around team of medical consultants with confirmed track record and supported by latest technology, Hashmi Dawakhana has formed a distinction for itself in the pasture of natural suplements.

Keeping up with our history of providing superiority services to all our patients, Hashmi Dawakhana virtual Health in India have been decided the recognition & certification, presently the highest superiority standards of their kind in the world, thus becoming the World’s initial natural healthcare centre to attain this distinction.