Tips on How to Make Your Marriage Work

by in General Health June 8, 2023

In today’s society marriage is no longer considered as sacred as it used to be by previous generations. Statistics show that almost 50% of all marriages (in the U.S.) are doomed to fail & this trend is on the rise in India too, especially in the urban areas. The reasons for separation & divorce are many, ranging from incompatibility, financial problems, interfering in-laws, extramarital affairs, impotence, abusive spouse etc.

Sometimes these reasons are valid & there is no way of saving a marriage & while it is important to get out of an abusive relationship, you have to realize that in most cases, if the couple is willing to work & make a few compromises, they can go a long way in not just saving their marriage but also lead them to live a much happier life in each other’s company. Here are a few tips on how to that.

1. Look at your relationship with a positive perspective. A relationship will have both positive & negative parts, it is essential to focus on the positive points & not dwell too much on the negative aspects.

2. Nobody’s perfect, so look at your partner’s imperfections with benevolence. If your wife is snapping you at night, understand that she may have had a tough day at work or taking care of the household chores etc, & is not trying to insult you. Be patient & don’t jump to conclusions.

3. Your parents will always want what is best for you, but sometimes they may tread on territory which belongs to your spouse & cause them to get upset. You need to draw the line with your parents when it comes to taking decisions that affect you & your partner. You need to show your spouse that he/she is your priority & their input is the most important when it comes to taking any major decision in your life.

4. A lot of married couples have intimacy issues, & these if not rectified in time may lead to the marriage breaking up. If you or your partner suffer from any type of sexual dysfunction then it’s important to identify the problem & get a qualified professional to help you resolve it.

5. Make time for each other; the breakneck speed of today’s lifestyle leaves couples with almost no quality time to spend with each other. Make sure that you take time out of your busy schedule of work or the day to day activities & plan some alone time with each other, taking small weekend vacations is a great way to do this & remember to leave your work behind.

Couples who have a successful marriage have done so by having love, respect & understanding for each other. Communication is very important; they know that it takes a lot of hard work to make their relationship work. It is important that both partners are willing to do this as marriage is a two way street. If both the partners put each other before self, there is no reason why they cannot have a happy & lifelong relationship with their spouse, even in today’s demanding day & age.

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