3 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasm

by in Mens Health May 15, 2023

It’s an eminent fact that a lot of women fake orgasm during sexual intercourse, and now a review conducted in Great Britain has confirmed just how high the percentage is. According to this review which was conducted by the University of Lancashire and University of Leeds; 80% of women faked orgasms at least 50% of the time and 25% women faked it an amazing 90% of the time they had vaginal intercourse.

These are amazing figures which begs the question- why do such large numbers of women pretend to peak during intercourse (which is the most intimate act); here are a few insights about why women fake an orgasm:

  1. Inability to reach an orgasm during sexual intercourse: The majority of women need other inspiration apart from the real act of lovemaking to realize orgasm and when lovemaking goes on and on with them not climaxing, they tend to fake one.
  2. When women are uncomfortable, exhausted or in pain etc.: Sometimes women go along with their partner in the work of lovemaking even though they are physically tired or if they experience sting during vaginal intercourse(due to dryness or vaginal tears). So they fake it to just stop the lovemaking.
  3. To spare their partner’s feelings: Women know that most men are very aware of their performance in bed, and for men; getting their partner to reach an orgasm is a key pointer to them of their sexual prowess. So women just fake an orgasm, so that their partner can feel that the sexual encounter has been pleasing for them both.

There are a few things that a woman can do so that they don’t have to imagine an orgasm so often, the most significant of which is letting their partner know which type of stimulation helps them reach an orgasm (oral sex etc.) and lead them to the level of intensity that they like. Another way would be to use sex toys (vibrator etc.) to assist them achieve orgasm.

This can only be done if there is open communication between the partners and both of them want to accept each other’s needs and react accordingly.

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