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The Truth about Premature Ejaculation

by in Mens Health June 8, 2023

Premature ejaculation has been a major sexual problem for men & yet it is talked far less about than erectile dysfunction. The main reason for this is that the little blue pill (Viagra, Cialis etc) has become part of the mainstream due to the huge media spends that its manufacturers have used to spread awareness […]

Smoking Marijuana May Cause Impotence

by in General Health June 8, 2023

It is the sad reality of our times that the use of recreational or the so called soft drugs is on the rise in India. Marijuana is one of the most common, popular & unfortunately easily accessible of these drugs, now beside the known side effects associated with marijuana like disruption of linear memory. Paranoia, […]

Smoking Can Kill Your Love Life

by in General Health June 8, 2023

The damage which smoking can cause to your health is well documented & besides the graphic warnings about lung cancer & other pulmonary & heart problems that it can cause, there is another not so well known problem that smoking cigarettes can create, & that is to trigger erectile dysfunction. More & more studies are […]