Scientists Discover a Sexual Disease obstructive To Drugs

by in General Health June 7, 2023

A new strain of gonorrhoea discovered in Japan has been found by Swedish scientists to be resistant to antibiotics & already changes have had to be made to the type of antibiotic & dosage that is required to combat it. This is a troubling detection as this strain could snowball into epidemic proportions. Gonorrhoea is a general sexual transmitted disease which is normally easily treatable with cephalosporins (antibiotic) but this new strain could change all that.

It is now more important than ever to use condoms during sex & to get yourself examined for STD’s if you have indulged in insecure sex. Young adults have the highest rate of infection for gonorrhoea & they need to be aware of this new development & should take appropriate precautions.

Gonorrhoea is a STD which can cause infertility in both sexes & can be life threatening if left untreated. Hopefully pharmaceutical companies & governments will pour in funds for researching alternative treatment for this mutated strain & start spreading more awareness to stop this disease from becoming something that may haunt our society for years to come.

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