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Male Problems

Male sexual brokenness is a typical medical issue influencing men everything being equal, however is more typical with expanding age. ... The fundamental sorts of male sexual brokenness are: Erectile brokenness.


Female Problems

Most ladies encounter minor vaginal issues now and again. These issues can be identified with menstrual cycles, sex, contamination, contraception strategies, maturing, meds, or changes after pregnancy.


Health & Wellness

We trust wellbeing and health to be central to the quest for learning. Our central goal is to advance and sustain a network of consideration steady of solid long lasting individual and social practices. We furnish TCNJ understudies.


Common Diseases

Diseases are regularly understood as restorative conditions that are related with particular side effects and signs. For instance, inward dysfunctions of the insusceptible framework can create a wide range of ailments.


Improve your sex life with our therapeutic and energizing products.

Females are Made up of two same chromosomes XX whereas as males are made up of XY. This unlocks the secret of sex as it introduces us with all the potential there is that a newborn could have. During sex we realize the power of all the chromosomes and that’s the reason we get so horny. This proves that on a molecular level we are made for sex and how can lack of it not make us miserable? We learned this truth from people like you but did not submit to the loss of drive and instead challenged it with our range of products that leave no stone unturned in connecting you to your premier interests.

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Keeping up with our history of providing quality services to all our patients, Dr. Hashmi's Dawakhana provides good health and wellness to all with care and compassion through herbal excellence and cost effective patient care.

Patient Support.

Our patients are very valuable to us and nothing is more important than rendering our best services to them at Hakeem Hashmi's. The views and experiences of our patients are fundamental for us in shaping and delivering the best of health services.

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Hashmi Dawakhana is a distinguished organisation that represents the promise of care and quality. A specialised team of doctors work to combat various sexual general health problems. Dr. Hashmi's offers an option to book appointments. It also offers phone consultation.