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Unani Medicine

Unani medicine derives its goodness from natural substances.

Unani physicians usually practice usage of a single drug and poly-pharmaceutical preparations. According to sources over 1,17,000 formulations of Unani system are in practice. Unani system believes that the active ingredient should remain with the natural elements of the plant to help reduce the risk of side effects.

Unani System of Medicine

Quick Facts

An integral part of the national health care delivery system, equilibrium plays a very important role here. Effective, inexpensive and easily available, Unani says that the human body is maintained by the harmonious arrangement of the 7 natural and basic components called "Umoor-e-Tabiya" (fundamentals of physique) which are responsible for maintenance of health. These are the heroes and villains that play their crucial role in human life.

Ailments Healed

Unani System is part of the knowledge of indigenous cultures, which has stood the test of time. The system has shown remarkable results in curing aliments such as Gastrointestinal, Musculo skeletal, Respiratory conditions, Skin & Blood, Liver, Nervous system and several other acute and chronic diseases where other systems have failed to give a desired response. Now the system has transcended national boundaries and is popular among the masses globally.

Concept of Health

In the Unani system of medicine there are six basic factors which are considered essential for the maintenance of good health and prevention of diseases. If a person is in practice of these basic principles with perfect balance, his/her health remains maintained.


The patient’s physical appearance is the first highlight, telling the Unani Physician a lot about his/her ailments. Enquiries about dietary intake, excretions, symptoms, sleep and activity patterns lead to more insights and information. These form the basis of the treatment.

Each of the four elements ("arkan") has its own special qualities: Earth is cold and dry; Water is cold and moist; Fire is hot and dry; Air is hot and moist. The resultant quality of the uniform body is called its "mizaj". The temperament of a substance may be a "mizaj-e-mutadil" (balanced one) or a "mizaj-e-ghair-mutadil" (imbalanced one).

Herbal Secrets

Herb gardens, nursery of medicinal plants, experimental and field scale cultivation are the major initiatives taken by us at Hashmi Dawakhana for the improvement of medicine. Tremendous progress has been registered in the development of medicines. Yet, medicinal plants still continue to be an important source of drugs throughout the world.

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