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Unani Medicine

Unani medicine derives its goodness from natural substances.

Unani physicians generally practice use of a single medicine and poly-pharmaceutical preparations. AS per  sources over 1,17,000 formulations of Unani system are in practice. Unani system trusts that the energetic ingredient should stay put with the herbal elements of the plant to assist decrease the danger of ill health effects.

Unani System of Medicine

Quick Facts

An essential part of the national health care delivery system, equilibrium assumes an extremely significant part here. Powerful, reasonably priced and simply accessible, Unani says that the human body is kept us by the harmonious arrangement of the 7 natural and basic components known as Umoor-e-Tabiya (fundamentals of physique) which are in charge for preservation of health. These are the heroes and villains that take part in their critical role in person life.

Ailments Healed

Unani System is fraction of the information of native cultures, which has stood the test of time. The system has demonstrated noteworthy results in treating diseases for example Gastrointestinal, Musculo skeletal, Respiratory states, Skin & Blood, Liver, Nervous system and numerous other sharp and constant ailments where other systems have failed to provide a preferred response. Now the system has exceeded national boundaries and is admired among the masses worldwide.

Concept of Health

In the Unani system of medicine, there are six fundamental aspects which are viewed necessary for the preservation of sound health and avoidance of ailments. If an individual is in practice of these fundamental principles with ideal balance, his/her health stays put kept up.


The patient’s physical look is the primary underline, telling the Unani Physician many about his/her diseases. Enquiries about dietary utilization, excretions, indications, sleep and action patterns prompt more insights and information. These form the base of the treatment.

Every of the four elements ("arkan") has its own particular qualities: Earth is cool and arid; Water is cool and damp; Fire is searing and arid; Air is scorching and wet. The resulting quality of the uniform body is known its "mizaj". The temperament of a substance might be a "mizaj-e-mutadil" (balanced one) or a "mizaj-e-ghair-mutadil" (imbalanced one).

Herbal Secrets

Herbal gardens, nursery of medical plants, experimental and field scale cultivation are the main initiatives taken by us at Hashmi Dawakhana for the upgrading of medicine. Marvelous growth has been registered in the growth of medicines. Yet, medical plants still carry on to be a significant resource of drugs all through the globe.

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