Has there a link Between Stress and Infertility?

by in Female Health June 7, 2023

There has been recent debate about the link between stress and women unable to conceive naturally or with the aid of fertility treatments. And now according to a new report published by Jacky Boivin PHD, of Cardiff University in the British Medical Journal there is no evidence that stress or anxiety reduces the chances of pregnancy with a specific treatment cycle.

But a lot of infertility experts are a little skeptical about this study as they are not convinced that this study is totally conclusive. According to them numerous studies during the last 15 years have shown that stress does indeed have an impact on the outcome of IVF treatment. And I tend to agree with them.

What this study has done is to stir the pot and this debate will carry on for the foreseeable future, but the one good thing that it has done is to put some more limelight on the importance of controlling stress levels in your life as living under stress and tensions will have adverse affects on various parts of your life including infertility and keeping these under control is essential.

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