Increased Intake of Medicines May Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

by May 29, 2023

In a new study published in the British Journal of Urology, findings showed that men who take ten or more medications were 60% more likely to encounter sex related problems than those who didn’t. As we all know, in today’s arena & age a lot of us have a tendency to take medications for ailments both real & perceived. These can have a detrimental effect on our sex life.

Having said that, make sure that you never ever discontinue taking any medication that has been prescribed by your doctor without his explicit consent. It is more important to sit down with your doctor & discuss the possibility of reducing the medication or perhaps changing it, especially if you are facing some sort of erectile problems.

Another thing that you can do which can improve your health in general & may also lead to a reduction of the medicine intake is to make changes to your daily lifestyle, i.e. incorporating a light exercise routine & healthy eating habits in your day to day life. Doing this will automatically help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction & make you healthier especially if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes & heart problems; all of which contribute to the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Again it is vitally important to start your exercise & diet changes under strict professional medical supervision so that you know that your health is not at risk. You should also consult a qualified sexologist if you continue to suffer from erectile dysfunction so that he can study your medical history & recommend the appropriate medication & exercises.

Importance of Sex Education

by May 29, 2023

Sex education is very important in this fast-paced time. It does not only inform teenagers – it also guides them to do what needs to be done when the situation arises. Sex education is a much broad subject. It touches not just the sexual act & all the sexuality issues surrounding it – it also educates a person into the whole process of rearing a baby & the proper care of one’s self during pregnancy.

More than anybody, sex education is required of teenagers. School teachers are generally tasked to give the lecture although other organizations can help in as well. Non-profit health relations can provide the necessary tools for information dissemination when it comes to sex education.

Sex education can reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies among teenagers. Teenagers have their total life ahead of them & making one grave mistake at one wild night could change all of that. With proper education, they will be eligible to work accordingly. Since they know what could happen, they will be capable to decide for themselves & choose what is right & best for them. Sex education is necessary not only now but in their future.

Aside from unwanted pregnancies, it has been established which very young women who got pregnant often develop health complications. This is because their bodies aren’t ready yet for having a baby as they have just entered the youth stage. Many teenagers have lost not just their future because of wrong sex information but literally, their entire life. This is because they weren’t informed enough about the results of their choices.

Sex education delivered through the right channels is necessary so that teenagers will be given only the right information. Learning about sex through friends & other unreliable sources isn’t a good option. Youth have to learn it from an authority or an expert in the subject.

How to Handle Female Sexual Health Problems

by May 29, 2023

Women’s sexual problems often take a backseat to the men’s sexual problems, especially in the last decade or so due to the launch & subsequent marketing blitz of Viagra which has created a lot of awareness about erectile dysfunction in men.

But it is important not lose sight of the fact that a lot of women suffer from some sort of sexual health problem during some time or another in their life. These can range from minor discomfort during intercourse to total loss of libido.

It is important for both men & women to realize that these problems are much more common than what they think they are & you should inform yourself about these conditions & know that there are various effective treatments ranging from counseling to medications or combination of both that can be availed.

The first step whenever you or your partner is facing a sex related problem is to contact a qualified sexologist or a sex therapist to discuss the problem. Overcoming the fear of embarrassment about your problem is key to be able to successfully treat it.

The cause for female sexual dysfunction may be psychological or physical & a good counselor or a doctor specializing in this field can properly diagnose & offer treatment.

Depending on the age, nature or severity of the problem, different type of treatment can be used ranging from counseling, use of proper lubricants, pelvic exercises, changes in any anti depressant medication, change of diet, general exercises & hormonal treatment etc.

It’s not only important to communicate about these problems with your health care professional but also with your partner & the woman’s partner needs to be understanding & supportive of her & help her get & use the treatment as specified by the doctor & to never self medicate.

Remember most female sexual health problems are treatable & there is no need for you or your partner to suffer unnecessarily, because problems in your sexual life are bound to spill over in your normal life & pose even more problems in your relationship & cause undue stress & tension.

Can’t Sleep? Here’s How to Deal with Insomnia

by May 29, 2023

As most of you are leading busy lives, loaded with tensions and pressure to deal with daily chores, chances are high that you fail to catch on your daily sleep of eight hours. If this routine of not sleeping properly continues for a long time, you can end up suffering from the sleep disorder called ‘Insomnia’.

This is a popular term used to define an individual’s sleeping difficulties. If you find it tough to fall asleep in the night, or you are unable to enjoy a sound sleep, or you don’t feel like sleeping at all – then it’s very likely that you are an Insomniac.

Check out these common reasons behind insomnia & how you can solve them in the easiest way.

1. If you are tensed or stressed about something (it can be professional or personal), you end up straining your mind & hence cannot fall asleep properly. You tend to keep thinking about these worries all night long, so try to keep these anxieties at bay & enjoy a quality sleep.

2. If you watch too much of television or spend time in front of your computer screen for a long stretch of time, it can affect your eyesight & disturb your sleep pattern. So watch TV in moderation.

3. If you have a habit of reading books before going to bed, it can also hinder your sleep, as there would be times when you compromise on your sleep in an attempt to finish reading a book or novel. It’s suggested that you plan your reading time in a way that you read the least during night hours.

4. Taking frequent naps during the day also affects your sleep patterns during night. You keep on tossing & turning on your bed but find it tough to sleep easily. Hence avoid falling asleep during the daytime, so that you can enjoy your bedtime in the night.

5. Changes in the sleep environment, surroundings, especially in the bedroom settings can often cause restlessness. It’s more psychological though, because your mind is set towards sleeping in fixed settings & when that gets changed, you may face disruption in your normal sleep pattern.

6. Timing of sleep is another key factor & often decides whether you are suffering from insomnia or not. If you have a fixed time to go to sleep, you must follow that, because tampering with sleep timings can affect your sleep quality.

7. Mental tiredness & physical fatigue can also lead to sleeplessness, as your body might be resting but your mind cannot sleep. So try to keep yourself fit & fresh, so that you can sleep soundly.

Insomnia is not a dangerous disorder & can be treated well in time provided you keep in mind certain things & follow some routines that would help you have a good sleep. So next time you cannot sleep properly, make sure you identify the reasons for this & take appropriate action to counter those, the above mentioned points are a good place to start.

How to Cope With Erectile Dysfunction and Depression

by May 29, 2023

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a man is unable to get and maintain an erection just before or during sexual intercourse. ED as it is commonly known is prevalent among men of all ages. The damage that this condition does is both physical and emotional. The good news is that this condition is easily treatable in most cases, but if left untreated it can cause havoc in the persona and life of the person affected from it. The most common problem that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction face, apart from the very obvious loss of sex life, is depression.

Depression slowly builds up if the feeling of anger, frustration and melancholia are not dealt with in the right manner. These feelings arise if the person with ED has not taken any medical advice to get to know and treat their condition. Communication is the key here; and not only with their doctor but with their partner as well. Let your doctor and partner know that you are feeling sad or frustrated. Talking openly about how you feel is the first step to beating depression which can accompany erectile dysfunction.

The most common symptoms associated with depression are as follows:

  • Listlessness
  • Loss of self confidence
  • Physical and mental weariness
  • Dramatic decrease or increase in appetite
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Feeling of loneliness

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and the above mentioned symptoms, it is advisable that you seek qualified medical help. Explain fully to your doctor about how you feel, don’t feel embarrassed as there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Your doctor can then guide you to the proper treatment for your depression. The treatment can include medications like anti-depressants and or counseling. Please be upfront about your erectile dysfunction as your doctor needs this information to prescribe the right type of anti-depressant accordingly (there are some anti-depressant medication which can aggravate or intensify ED).

You can go to a licensed therapist to get individual or couple counseling. Make sure to involve your partner in the whole process as she can then better understand about what you are going through and can help you overcome it. This will also improve and strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable and there is no reason for you to suffer from it in silence. Seek professional medical help to reclaim not only your sex life but also your emotional and mental health.

How to Admit To Having an STD

by May 29, 2023

STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases are much more common than what mainly people realize. In this article I want to raise up another very vital and potentially the most embarrassing phase of suffering from STD’s; Owning up or admitting to being infected with STD or STI (sexually transmitted infection) to your partner.

This is of vital importance because the health of your partner is at hazard if you don’t disclose the information about yourself on time. And in this case the sooner you tell the better.

It can be tricky thing to do especially if you are about to engage in sex with a new partner, because sometimes in the warmth of the moment one can get carried away and indulge in the act without disclosing the fact about the STD. So it becomes imperative that you bring up the subject of your condition or infection the jiff you think that sexual intimacy is about to begin.

Be upfront and truthful about it and explain the risks and the treatment that you are taking to counter the problem. This can be stiff but if you can prepare yourself beforehand as to how you will broach the subject, it will be easier for you to do so when the time arises.

This gives your partner the occasion  to either give consent for further intimacy or not, and you should admit their decision in good grace and try to use comedy to relieve the embarrassing situation in case your partner decides not to go ahead.

Remember that certain types of STD’s (Chlamydia) can be passed on without actually indulging in sexual intercourse, so inform yourself about your stipulation and consult with your doctor on the risk of transmitting your condition to your partner.

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