Smoking Marijuana May Cause Impotence

by in General Health June 8, 2023

It is the sad reality of our times that the use of recreational or the so called soft drugs is on the rise in India. Marijuana is one of the most common, popular & unfortunately easily accessible of these drugs, now beside the known side effects associated with marijuana like disruption of linear memory. Paranoia, anxiety, loss of motor control etc, recent research has shown that long term & excessive use of marijuana may lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence in men.

The disquisition conducted by a team from the University of Ottawa & Queen’s University in Canada has found that long term users of cannabis doubled their chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction than non users.

There is a need for further clinical studies to substantiate this finding but if you smoke marijuana or are thinking of experimenting with the drug, do you really think it is worth the risk of losing your erection & leading an unhappy sex life?

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