Sedentary Life Style? Welcome to Sex Problems with Open Arms

by in General Health June 8, 2023

Modern lifestyle has led to a sedentary lifestyle, which has already made way for numerous health problems. While problems like cervical, back & neck pain, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, sex problems are also on a continual rise due to this lethargic way of living.

The sedentary lifestyle that most young couples live has restricted their physical movement to almost nil & thus making them so sluggish that they just don’t feel like performing the sexual act with much enthusiasm. As an outcome, they can suffer from sex problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The main reason behind this sedentary lifestyle & subsequent sex problems is the working conditions. Young professionals generally spend most of their hours at workplace either sitting or doing least amount of legwork.

Here are some easy clues to let you know if you are also a victim of this sedentary lifestyle. Take a note of these & make sure you do not let them hinder your sexual pleasure.

1. Seating stress: If you continue to sit in one posture throughout the day, you end up taking undue tension on your back. Either your back location is too erect or it bends a little too much. This may place you at a danger of having some spine troubles, which would additional cause sex problems. As spine muscles are used to a large level while having sex, such a lifestyle would never permit you to enjoy an interrupted pleasure. Those who suffer from such spinal & back problems would, in most cases, finish up getting up in between the sexual act & hence leaving their partner unsatisfied in bed.

2. Exercise exertion: It’s believed that walking few minutes & leading an active lifestyle & exercising our pelvic muscles is beneficial for sex. Lack of this exercise may lead to sexual problems like infertility or impotency. It has been medically proven that there has to be a proper exercise routine not only for your body but for your sexual organs too

3. Thinking tension: With continuous concentration on your work & other career connected anxieties, this will lead to your sexual senses failing to get aroused easily & thus you may not feel emotionally & physically attached to your partner. Also, when you cannot focus on your sexual performance, sex problem like erectile dysfunction (not getting proper erection) is sure to harm you.

4. Physical pressure: As you remain deskbound & do not get involved in much of moving, your lower body, especially legs become very slothful & you would find it tough taking any pressure while performing sex as well. In such cases, you fail to test much with sex positions, as you cannot move your leg liberally fearing some pain or strain & thus sexual problems like premature ejaculation can ruin your sexual performance. Due to this sedentary lifestyle, you remain sitting on the lead most of the hours during the day & this leads to a low physical stamina, which shows its aversive effects while you are performing sex.

5. Weight woes: Weight gain is the foremost consequence of living a sedentary lifestyle. As you remain inactive for more than necessary time, you tend to put on extra weight & even become obese in extreme cases. Under such circumstances, you are more flat to developing sex problems & .an overweight person anyways also finds it uncomfortable to perform in bed with ease. Imagine with your weight troubling you previously, you would never want to bear which additional weight of your partner, so your sexual connection can go for a toss.

6. Bad blood circulation: Do not forget that more you walk & get yourself involved in physical actions, better would be your blood flow in the body. But as current individuals have to cope up with their professional & academic preferences, they get very less time to focus on any outdoor activities & they don’t indulge much in legwork. There is a lack of blood circulation in the entire body. Even the blood which is circulated to the sex organs is not good, hence chances are high that you face problems while erection or intercourse.

7. Cardiac crisis: Lack of physical stamina leads to lack of blood circulation, which more leads to cardiac problems & they, can in turn make way for several sex problems & vice versa. So this is a vicious cycle & the ignition point for all these problems is your lifestyle, which is less of moving & more sedentary. Also, you frequently fail to understand the reasons behind sudden heart problems, minor heart attacks & chest pains but it’s important that you should know that it’s your sluggish lifestyle which maybe leading to all these cardiac problems.

Therefore, I suggest you immediately change your lifestyle pattern & incorporate a regime of exercise in your daily life & reap the benefits not only in your day to day life but energize your sexual energy too.

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