4 Reasons Why Extramarital Affairs Are On the Rise Today

by in General Health May 15, 2023

With most couples stressed hard to have a joyful married life well complimented with healthy sexual relations, it’s archetypal to be in sync during the bedroom exploit Due to the hectic current day lifestyle, partners often fail to give in to the desires and demands of their mate, hence problems, sexual dissatisfaction, personal disliking and clear loathing start brewing in their relationship.

You may attempt your best to counter these problems but if every debate ends up being a heated quarrel, things will get even worse. Then arises a tip when you start seeking enjoyment or sexual satisfaction elsewhere and the only option that strikes your wits is to step out of your present relationship. Well, the occurrence of getting sexually close with someone, but your married partner, is nothing new. And in India, this situation has only stimulated to a bigger level in the past decade. Having an additional marital affair cannot do any good to your existing relationship.

Causes that may lead to extra marital affair

SEXUAL DISSATISFACTION: The major reason why you would decide to form a physical relation outside your marriage is because of ‘sexual dissatisfaction’. When you are not getting the preferred enjoyment from your wife or husband, you do not feel the advise of getting intimate in bed. This forces an entity to hunt for sexual gratification with another partner. some studies have indicated that a female tends to move out of her married relationship when there is sexual discontent and her partner cannot satisfy her sexual needs whereas the reason why men look out for another woman is certainly due to their wish to feel the change and get more excitement with a new partner. Also when a male is unable to present well in bed, it is the fear, compound and stigma to face his partner that pushes him to isolate himself, which may or may not guide to an extra marital affair. However, females frequently do not get any inferiority complex if their sexual performance is not up to the mark yet they try to improve their acts and remain close to their husband.

UNHAPPY ABOUT PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: The way you and your partner look often affects your sexual life. Be it the case that you are not certain about your looks or the other way round that your partner doesn’t have a pleasing character, in both cases, there will be an evident discomfort during lovemaking. To get clear of this, individuals often look out for a appropriate mate in terms of looks and physical appearance, which allows them execute better in bed.

SEXUAL BOREDOM: Another very common cause to estrange your present partner and spoil with someone else is out of sheer boredom. After years of marriage, couples frequently start lost the fun and thrill which firstly existed in their relation. As a outcome, they seek excitement elsewhere. This case of dishonest on your partner is purely out of an experiment and an advice to give a boost to your sexual performance by getting out of the everyday boredom.

INCAPABILITY TO FULFILL SEX FANTASIES: Many a times, when you are incapable to meet the sexual expectations of your partner, it instills a feeling of being defective in bed. This not only lowers your libido but also forces you to increase that sexual perfection to be able to understand your partner’s sexual desires. Hence, many persons get involve with a second partner to put their desperation on rest.

The reason for extramarital relationships can be on or a combination of any of the above scenarios. It is important to recognize these signals before they become a solemn problem and are nipped in the bud because they will surely lead to disharmony in not only your intimate relationship with your partner but will also an unlikable atmosphere in your family.

In my next post I will address how extramarital relationships can influence your relationship and some ways to avoid getting entangled in them.

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