6 Blunders That Men Make in Bed

by in General Health May 20, 2023

Men in India are generally more aggressive and active in bed when compared to their female counterparts. When they show this aggression in bed, there are several goof-ups they can make, which their female partner may not like much. These are the mistakes that men make while performing the act of sex, or even during arousal. These mistakes can be related to their sexual performance, behavior in bed, attitude towards female partner, expectations from sex and so on. Here are a few of these faux pas:

1.    Don’t neglect foreplay: Men usually indulge in arousal acts for a little time and expect a fully aroused partner in bed. Your woman might be seeking more of it. Don’t behave as if you are just interested in intercourse. Stimulate your partner properly, so that she feels more excited and is comfortable in bed when the time comes to go all the way.

2.    Don’t leave her halfway: Men often reach their climax much faster and much before their female partner has had an orgasm. Be thoughtful of your partners needs, and try different things like oral sex to satisfy her.

3.    Don’t treat her like a porn star: It’s not bad to take hints from porn movies and sex magazines to add fun to your sex life. But if you start treating your partner like a porn star and expect her to do exactly the same stuff that you saw on screen or read about, it can make things go terribly wrong.

4.    Don’t abuse her verbally: Some men have the tendency to get verbally abusive, rude and arrogant when they do not get the desired pleasure in bed or when the woman is not participating with much interest. This is certainly not going to be good for your sex life and overall relationship. This not only lowers the respect they have for you but they can also develop a feeling of resentment towards your abusive behavior, which definitely shows up during intimacy.

5.   Don’t go wild: Some men love trying out wild and bold moves in bed, thinking that these will give more pleasure to them and their partner. But when they turn into a wild animal and can’t control their wild gestures, the passion can get killed and it becomes a big bedroom blunder.

6.   Don’t be over demanding: Men are more experimental and daring when it comes to performing sex, and they often expect their female partner to act in the same way and fully participate in whatever “new” he wants to do in bed. But being over demanding can sometimes negate the sexual pleasure for her, and can make her to withdraw within herself, and she may become reluctant to become intimate with you.

It’s good to experiment in bed but be mindful of your partner’s needs and feelings. Talking beforehand about the different things you want to try in bed, to make sure that your partner is comfortable with them, is always a good idea. Be gentle and understanding, it will go a long way in helping you spice up your sex life and save you from making mistakes that can throw a spanner in your works.

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