Busted! The Myth about Men & How Much They Think About Sex

by in General Health June 8, 2023

So who would have thought that Men don’t always have sex on their minds? The notion that men only have sex on their minds just got busted according to a new study done by psychologists at Ohio State University in the U.S.

The researchers found that contrary to the long held beliefs like the urban legend that men think about sex every seven seconds, they found that men think about things like food & sleep more than they do about sex.

Though the researchers only used college students for their study & that too in small numbers (163 women & 120 men), the findings give an interesting insight into the thinking behaviors & patterns of both the sexes.

They found that; that on average, men thought about sex around once per waking hour & the women once per every two waking hours. Men also thought as much about food, sleep & other health related things.

Studies like these are bound to break the general stereotypes which we generally associate with gender & their sexual thinking & behavior.

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