Can’t Sleep? Here’s How to Deal with Insomnia

by in General Health May 29, 2023

As most of you are leading busy lives, loaded with tensions and pressure to deal with daily chores, chances are high that you fail to catch on your daily sleep of eight hours. If this routine of not sleeping properly continues for a long time, you can end up suffering from the sleep disorder called ‘Insomnia’.

This is a popular term used to define an individual’s sleeping difficulties. If you find it tough to fall asleep in the night, or you are unable to enjoy a sound sleep, or you don’t feel like sleeping at all – then it’s very likely that you are an Insomniac.

Check out these common reasons behind insomnia & how you can solve them in the easiest way.

1. If you are tensed or stressed about something (it can be professional or personal), you end up straining your mind & hence cannot fall asleep properly. You tend to keep thinking about these worries all night long, so try to keep these anxieties at bay & enjoy a quality sleep.

2. If you watch too much of television or spend time in front of your computer screen for a long stretch of time, it can affect your eyesight & disturb your sleep pattern. So watch TV in moderation.

3. If you have a habit of reading books before going to bed, it can also hinder your sleep, as there would be times when you compromise on your sleep in an attempt to finish reading a book or novel. It’s suggested that you plan your reading time in a way that you read the least during night hours.

4. Taking frequent naps during the day also affects your sleep patterns during night. You keep on tossing & turning on your bed but find it tough to sleep easily. Hence avoid falling asleep during the daytime, so that you can enjoy your bedtime in the night.

5. Changes in the sleep environment, surroundings, especially in the bedroom settings can often cause restlessness. It’s more psychological though, because your mind is set towards sleeping in fixed settings & when that gets changed, you may face disruption in your normal sleep pattern.

6. Timing of sleep is another key factor & often decides whether you are suffering from insomnia or not. If you have a fixed time to go to sleep, you must follow that, because tampering with sleep timings can affect your sleep quality.

7. Mental tiredness & physical fatigue can also lead to sleeplessness, as your body might be resting but your mind cannot sleep. So try to keep yourself fit & fresh, so that you can sleep soundly.

Insomnia is not a dangerous disorder & can be treated well in time provided you keep in mind certain things & follow some routines that would help you have a good sleep. So next time you cannot sleep properly, make sure you identify the reasons for this & take appropriate action to counter those, the above mentioned points are a good place to start.

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