Erectile Dysfunction Drugs connected To 2200 Deaths in a Decade

by in General Health May 25, 2023

Some sobering statistics coming out of The United States display that erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis (which are prescribed) and others which are not prescribed may have caused over 2000(estimated) deaths from the period of 2000 to 2010. This, according to the Food and Drug Administration agency, the estimated figure of men taking such medications range from 15 million to over 80 million alone in the United States.

Now the side effects normally connected with such drugs are well known, some of which include sickness and blurred vision. One important point to note is that the study made no division between medication which was prescribed by experienced doctors (and procured at certified pharmacies) and those impotence drugs acquired through other sources such as the Internet and which may have been imitation.

Erectile dysfunction patients are at an eminent risk of suffering from heart sickness and this makes it imperative for them to get themselves checked for any heart sickness before they start taking drugs like Viagra and Cialis. They should surely not buy drugs to treat impotence from unchecked and non confirmed sources.

Only take erectile dysfunction treatment below the medical direction of your doctor or a experienced sexologist. Reset the temptation to self medicate and from buying these drugs from doubtful sources (unfortunately these are easy to get in India and some chemists sell these without prescription).

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