Financial Crisis and its Effects on Relationship

by in General Health May 25, 2023

Experts opine that out of the many causes of strained relationship, financial problems top the list. When the couples are not financially well settled to meet and satisfy all their materialistic needs, it paves the way for problems to creep in. Several studies show that as financial problems and its related stress increases, couples fight more- mainly over money matters.

Studies further suggest that as financial pressures increase, couples often become preoccupied with financial issues and their general helplessness over the prevailing situation leads them into depression, increases frustration and proves to be a demoralizing factor.

Financial crises tend to effect on all our existing relations. It has its noticeable effect on children’s mental as well as physical health too. It, undoubtedly, creates depression, anxiety as well as behavioral problems among children in the family. They have to bear the brunt of the stained relations of their parents due to prevailing financial stress.

Talking about the effects of financial stress and pressure on the couple’s relationship, the list is really long and if not addressed at the earliest and with all the sincere efforts it can do irreversible damage to the couple’s life and relation.

The first major harm that financial stress does is to create a war like situation between the couple, thereby hampering all their efforts to have a team player type of relationship. It strikes really hard at the emotional bonding that is the soul of all healthy relationships and further creates detachment, bitterness, frustration, disrespect and anger between the couple.

But it is not that difficult to tackle this problem, only drive needed is a focused approach with great deal of patience accompanied with an unshakeable amount of faith in your partner. Mentioned below are a few helpful tips to ease out your efforts:

  • Never hide your financial problems from your partner. Instead discuss the problems with your soul mate to reach to some combined planned strategy to cope up with the problem.
  • Do not ever resort to the blame game for the lack of financial stability, it would only worsen the situation and would do more harm than any good.
  • Plan out a monthly budget, keeping in mind the fixed as well as the variable expenses. This would definitely ease out the situation.
  • Along with budgeting, even plan out your financial goals in a practical and realistic way. This would help you to meet your needs as well as your family demands in a realistic manner and would ensure smooth management of your financial issues.
  • Prove to be each other’s supporting pillar when passing through financial crises in your relationship. Ups and downs are characteristic features of all relationships. So try and prove to support each other during the time of financial stress as this is the phase when one desperately needs the support of the loved ones more than anything else in this world.

Remember this is a temporary phase whereas the bond (or on the contrary; the discord) that this phase can create between the couple will prevail forever.

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