Has The Elusive G- Spot Been Found?

by in General Health May 29, 2023

The age old quest of finding the female G-spot got an interesting bend recently, when an American surgeon claiming that he had finally located the elusive pleasure point of the female anatomy. He based his findings on historical statistics going as far back as the 3rd century A.D. and on his amputation of the cadaver of a 83 year old female.

I for one am very skeptical of this research as the data is not reliable or even statistically episodic. More ever for men obsessing about the G-spot is a fruitless activity and your energy and focus should be on giving pleasure to your partner instead of groping about trying to locate the so called pleasure point.

In my opinion the surgeon who has made this claim is looking for his 15 minutes of fame and has succeeded as various major media portals like msnbc etc have given it coverage which I don’t think it deserves. This is a controversial topic with divided opinions and has created an avalanche of comments which is evident by the amount of buzz created around this claim especially over the Internet.

So as mentioned before the deception to having a great sex life lies in being able to make your partner comfortable and making a honest effort to pleasure her in bed, which entails you being patient and open to her needs (communication is the key here), she will definitely appreciate it and reciprocate if you do so and it is the only way to enjoy your intimacy.

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