Is the Size of the Male Organ That Important? Think Again

by in Mens Health June 7, 2023

The question that I am asked the most has got to do with the size of the penis; most men have this notion that having a bigger sized male organ will make them better lovers & satisfy their female partner. The problem is that the huge majority of men who want to increase the size of their penis think that their size is below average, when actually most of them are at average or above. This is a major area of anxiety for them & causes a lot of unnecessary stress.

Here are the facts; an average erect penis size is about 5 inches long & 2 to 3 inches wide & is more than enough to satisfy their female partners. The fact is that how you treat your partner emotionally & physically in bed is far more important than the size of your penis. This means that you want to work on your love making techniques instead of wondering if you are big enough.

Talk to your partner openly about what she likes & dislikes in bed & then make the extra effort to concentrate on the things she enjoys in bed & stay away from the things she is not comfortable with. How you cure your partner before intimacy is as important as during it.

Make her feel special & see the change in the intensity & satisfaction that you both feel during your next intimate session.

So stop obsessing about your size (you are probably big enough) & start focusing on the more important things that will improve your relationship not only in bed but also outside of it.

As a side note, if you still feel that your size is below average & that you have to increase the size of your penis, then I suggest you talk to your physician or a sex specialist so that you can learn about the implications, side effects & the effectiveness of the type of method you want to use for increasing the size of your male organ. Does this before you try any type of treatment?

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