Is Your Partner a Sex Addict?

by in General Health June 7, 2023

Everyone loves to enjoy a pleasurable session in the bed but as they say ‘excess of anything is bad’, same holds true for sex too! Quite often when your partner starts pampering you for no reason & out of nowhere, you may feel happy about it. Giving in to whatever they ask you for, you don’t even mind slipping between the sheets instantly with them & enjoy a steamy sex romp. While you enjoy these endless lovemaking sessions, you may not get the smallest of hint that your partner is turning into a Sex Addict. Yes, chances are high that a partner who seeks sexual pleasure too frequently has a tendency to turn into a sex addict. For them, it’s all about having sex, talking sex, thinking about sex all the time – morning, afternoon & at night too.

Several studies have supported this fact stating that asking for sex more than desired, can be a kind of serious addiction, which may not be good for a relationship in the long run. & many a times, you end up having a round of sex just because your partner wanted it & you couldn’t say a ‘no’. So before your sexual life goes for a toss, find out whether your partner is a sex addict or not. Take note of these signs, which would help you ascertain the fact & take a step accordingly…

Your husband or wife can be a sex addict if he/she:

LOVES DIRTY TALKING: It’s good to enjoy some dirty & naughty talking while you are enjoying those private moments in bed. But if you notice your partner indulging in such erotic all the time, it may not be a good sign. This shows how they have become so used to such kind of talks.

IS KEEN ON PHYSICAL TOUCH: It’s good for couples to maintain a lovely bond between them & physical gestures is the best way to express this love. But if your partner seems to be getting overboard with these gestures & doesn’t even bother whether you are at a public place or at someone’s place, then you must need to take it seriously. Such sexual gestures might make others around your uncomfortable & they only hint towards your mate’s addiction to physical love.

RELATES EVERY CONVERSATION WITH SEX: You would have surely noticed that sometimes even the most serious of discussions end up with a sexual connotation to it. Don’t take it lightly anymore. If your partner has this tendency of bringing in the sexual element to every conversation that you have – serious or light – he/she is sure to have some signs of being a sex addict. For such individuals, they interpret every subject from a sexual point of view & hence it shows up when they participate in a conversation.

TAKES A MINUTE TO GET AROUSED: Who won’t love to have a fully aroused partner in bed to get that maximum sexual pleasure? Of course, everyone would want this! But if you find that your partner gets stimulated in less than a few minutes, your sexual fun might not last for long. Getting aroused in a little time means very short foreplay, which clearly shows that your partner is only interested in hard core sex & not anything else.

IS INTERESTED IN WATCHING SEXUAL STUFF: Is your partner always hooked to the TV screen watching a porn movie or engrossed in reading a romantic novel? Well, you may think they are picking ideas to enhance their sexual performance. But there are chances that they might be enjoying being busy with these, which brings them immense pleasure. Such an addiction isn’t too great for your sex life, as your mate might be spending more time in these artificial means than what they spend with you.

Now you know the signs & traits, which would help you make out if your partner is a sex addict or is turning to be a sex addict. Remember, you should not always entertain your partner’s sexual gestures in the way they want it to be. Sometimes, they might be wrong signals & need to be dealt in a different manner.

If their behavior is making you uncomfortable to the point of you not enjoying sex; that would be a good time to have a heart to heart conversation with them. Make them realize that their over the top sexual behavior is causing you discomfort, be polite & diplomatic in your approach, making sure you don’t offend them, while at the same time making sure that they understand that they need to tone down their sexual tendencies.

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