Regular Use of Painkillers May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

by in General Health June 7, 2023

There may be bad news for men who regularly take painkillers; a study in the Journal of Urology has indicated that middle aged men who took anti-inflammatory drugs like (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen etc) at least three times (or more) a day were likely to suffer from problems related to erectile dysfunction.

The study factored in the other things which can cause erectile dysfunction like aging, smoking, diabetes, heart problems etc in middle aged men but still concluded that men who took these drugs were 38% more likely to have problems maintaining an erection.

But before you stop taking these medications for fear that it will cause ED, be aware that further research is needed to firmly conclude that it will do so. We need to wait for some more conclusive studies to be certain.

Usage of painkillers is widespread among middle aged & older men, a lot of them take drugs like aspirin daily to lower the risk of heart attack & stroke. But before discontinuing these drugs make sure you consult your doctor. As I said before, more conclusive proof is needed before the medical community can take a call on this development, but the signs are not encouraging.

I will keep you updated as & how new studies are published on this topic.

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