Six Tips to Relieve Work Related Stress

by in General Health May 20, 2023

Here a few tips on how you can relieve the same after coming home from a stressed filled day at the office, so that you can create an atmosphere and mental state more conducive to lovemaking for both you and your partner.

1. Start off an intimate conversation: The most important thing to relieve your office tensions is to deviate from them. Try and focus more on complimenting your partner and start talking with seductive words, rather than the daily routine life problems. Steer the conversation towards erotica, about sex positions, foreplay techniques, your fantasies etc, so that you can forget the bad times spent at work and rather enjoy these precious moments with your partner.

2. Watch a romantic movie together: There can’t be a better option to divert your mind than to watch something romantic and arousing. A romantic movie with some sexually charged scenes can surely let you forget all office tensions and seek some sexual pleasure with your partner.

3. Enjoy an exotic dinner: You would hardly get time to help your wife in the kitchen, so on a day when job stress is bothering you much, try doing something which you might not be too good at. Cooking scrumptious dishes using best of ingredients can let you rejuvenate your senses and as you enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner, take a chance to get intimate with your lover.

4. Indulge in a soothing massage: Office tensions not only give you mental stress but also leave your body exhausted and tired. Best way to calm your mind and soul is to give each other a sensuous body massage using the best of aromatic oils. As you massage and touch each other’s body, passion will start building and as you approach towards the end, the heat will be enough to keep you going for some action in bed.

5. Share some happy moments: It’s true that office tensions should be left behind at the place of work only but at times, sharing them overtly with your partner can help you feel better and unwind your mind. So make a point to discuss everything with your partner expecting that they will stand by you to comfort you in tough times. Doing this will help you both bond strongly and at the same time, sharing your office burden with someone else, will make you feel relaxed and you can perform well in bed as well.

6. Deck up your bedroom settings: The best way to leave behind or conquer your workplace tensions is to come out of that environment. Make sure that when you reach home, there is nothing around, which remind you of your office settings. Especially when you head towards bedroom for some sexual intimacy, the atmosphere should be such that you feel in an altogether new place. This would not only help you forget the tensed moments but would push you closer to your partner.

Having said it all, it is very crucial that you show faith in your partner and share your professional problems with them (without constantly whining about them), and look for their support. If in-spite this, the office tensions continue to give you sleepless nights, do not let your spouse face the brunt of your frustration and anger; rather seek an expert’s advice to come out of it.

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