Ten Signals that Point to an Impending Divorce

by in General Health May 20, 2023

Divorce is regarded as a disastrous volcanic eruption of a relationship which, if had been given timely thought and good action, could have been averted. It is significant to remember that a marriage doesn’t fail overnight. It is a procedure of slow erosion, wherein it withers away slowly and steadily erodes and dies.

Though many couples, sometimes later on lament their separation and wish if they could have timely addressed the determining issues.

Mentioned below are the top ten signs that may suggest whether your marriage is heading towards divorce. So take a beat of your relationship, gauge it and stop it from slipping through your fingers, while it can still be done.

1. Emotional detachment: If your heart no longer beats for your partner it implies towards a serious issue. If the couple fails to waste time together it paves the way for divorce. This is when the couple has the choice to spend time together and genuinely prefer not to- most of the times. Try to fix matters. You can argue or write to each other to put your point across but try your best to communicate and connect again if you want your relationship to be running smoothly be back on track.

2. Patch up Issues: Discussions and sometimes conflicts are normal traits of relationships but the fine line that distinguishes healthy from unhealthy conflict of views is – whether you are moving towards some type of resolution or compromise. Relationships that give due deliberation for negotiation and compromise only survive in the long run. If it’s not possible during the course of heated conversation then later on at appropriate time when you are not fighting, try to communicate and share your anxiety.

3. Comparisons: The idea of nagging and comparing your partner always with someone else or quoting examples of someone better than him/her would definitely prove to be disastrous and bring your relationship to an end because there are few things that are more damaging to a person’s self-image than to hear that how poorly they do at something and so on.

4. No Share, No Care: The one factor that holds relationships upright is the ‘Sharing and caring attitude’. If this part starts to fade away then you must get alert and make dedicated effort to revive the sharing and caring attitude back.

5. Lack of Respect: Respect holds a very significant place in any relationship and at any stage if you feel that the respect both of you had for each other is lost somewhere and all that is left is only insult, violence and mutual abuse, get into solemn communication to reach to the bottom of the issue rather than waiting for things to settle down and to take their own recourse.

6. Abstaining from Sex: Sex is an important pillar that holds upright the relationship and if the couple seems to be abstaining from sex and have lost all the sex drive then they are probably heading towards a breakup.

7. Extra Marital Affair: The issue of infidelity whether emotional or sexual definitely ruins a relationship and leads to marital discord. If you sense this problem in your association take it as a wakeup call that your marriage is in peril and act, looking for professional help, if required, to keep your marriage.

8. Egoism: This is one big shark that will one day definitely gobble up and erase the very existence of your relationship. Don’t let your egoistic temper ruin your marriage. Always remember cooperation and considerate attitude goes a long way in paving way for a healthy and long relationship.

9. Fighting and Finger-pointing: If unfortunately you happen to be one of those couples who are always fighting whenever they talk, it is no doubt a sign for a marriage heading towards divorce. If it so happens that whenever you swap words, they’re unpleasant, you need to awaken and put in serious efforts to your marriage from going rough.

10. Home no longer sweet home: If you or your spouse has started looking for excuses to stay out and away from house as long as possible and if at home you prefer spending time in front of TV. or attractive in more and more time pass tactics, then it is high time you discussed and resolute the underlying and root cause to this attitude.

The presence of any or all of these signs no doubt point towards a marriage getting rough. Though these symbols are alarming but the scope of changing them and strengthening your relationship still persists. Only drive wanted is a focused approach and determination to work upon to save your marriage. You can also look for professional help from a qualified marriage counselor who can help you detect and repair the inherent causes of the breakdown in your relationship.

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