A New Condom to get better Performance In Bed?

by in Mens Health May 20, 2023

A condom is mainly used for protection from unwanted pregnancies and contracting STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases), but now the makers of the Durex brand of condoms is preparing to launch a condom sometime next year which touts to not only give the above mentioned benefits but also help men get longer lasting and firmer erections.

The input ingredient that they are going to be using to achieve this is a gel called Zanifil, this gel will be inside the tip of the condom and this will supposedly improve the blood flow to the penis to help alleviate the problem of erectile dysfunction and unlike other ED treatments like Viagra (which require a doctor’s prescription), these condoms will be available over the counter.

Whether this product achieves what it claims remains to be seen but one thing is for certain; they will not be cheap to buy. And I suggest to wait at least six months after the launch of this product before going out and spending your hard earned money on it, at least by then you will have had substantial feedback on the effectiveness and the potential side effects of the so called “Viagra Condom” as I am sure there is going to be a lot of media coverage on this product in the coming months.

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