Hair Loss Products Linked To Sexual Dysfunction in Men

by in General Health May 29, 2023

As if men needed more bad news. Hair loss is a major issue for millions of men around the world, and they will go to any length to stop hair loss and this has led to the flourishing of the multi-billion dollar hair loss products industry. A new study shows that the popular hair loss products which sell under the brand name Propeia and Proscar, can cause sexual dysfunction in men which can last for quite a long duration of time even after stopping the treatment.

Getting bald was bad enough but to suffer from erectile dysfunction and loss of libido because of the medication taken to stop hair loss will be something of grave concern for both; the men taking the drugs and the drug making companies themselves.

Discuss with your doctor before you start to take any type of medication to prevent hair loss, for possible side effects that these may cause you and hope that new medication is soon available which won’t cause men to sacrifice their sex life in order to retain their hair.

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