Another Psychological reason of Erectile Dysfunction In Middle Aged Men?

by in Mens Health May 20, 2023

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence becomes increasingly common as men age. Though the mass of the causes can be related to the condition of and the normal aging process of the physical health of the man like the start of diabetes, heart ailments etc, there are some psychological reasons why a man can have problems getting and maintaining an erection.

High level of work related stress, financial anxiety etc are psychological triggers that can contribute to the condition of erectile dysfunction in middle aged men and now in what seems to be a controversial study to say the least, has suggested that wives (the behavior of) can cause sexual health problems for their husbands.

According to this study which was accepted out on more than 3000 people between the ages of 57 to 85 and published in the July issue of the American Journal of Sociology, if the wife is closer to her husband’s friends than what he is, then the husband is more likely to experience erectile dysfunction and lack of orgasm.

This underlines the insecurity a man feels when his spouse is closer to and has more contact with his confidants than him, because this erodes his emotion of independence and more prominently his privacy. These two things are essential in a man’s mind to express his masculinity. And the more he is exaggerated by this insecurity the more problems he will face in bed with his wife.

If a man is not feeling confident about his self image, he will absolutely feel the effects in his sexual performance. The input to resolving this issue is to communicate openly with your spouse and make her understand your feelings in a non offending way and not to use this as an excuse to fight because that will only worsen the situation. There is no damage in taking opinion from a professional marriage counselor who can help both partners overcome this situation in an amiable way.

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