Are Genes To Be Blamed For Infidelity?

by in General Health May 22, 2023

O.K. here is something to think about, as and how the genetic research technology improves; more and more human traits are being linked to genes. The latest of these is these are infidelity. The gene DRD4 is now being linked to that one very controversial human tendency -”infidelity”.

Researchers did a DNA sampling on 181 young adults and found that 50% of those with 7R+ variation of the gene DRD4 had been unfaithful when compared to 22% of these who did not have that particular genetic variation.

Though this a small study and undoubtedly more extensive and intensive research needs to be done, it does pose a more important question for us to ponder upon; namely can infidelity be justified? And in my personal opinion, the answer is a big NO.

What makes us unique in the animal kingdom is our ability to think and live by certain moral and social codes. Promiscuity and infidelity are two things on which we have great control, because we have a choice, and it is up to us to decide whether we are unfaithful to our partner or not.

Just because science may find links between genes and our behavior we cannot justify our transgressions especially where infidelity is concerned. The social and moral consequences have to be faced not only by the transgressor but also by his or her partner and it is not fair on them

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