City Women Take the Initiative to Tackle Impotence

by in General Health May 23, 2023

An increasing number of women in the city are openly tackling their partner’s sexual problems. My experience says that as many as 40% to 50% of men with sexual problems are brought in by their female partners, who do most of the chatting too.

For an important number of these women, it’s the last effort at making their marriages work before they seek divorce on grounds of impotence.

Almost 70% of my patients are accompanied by their female partners. Most of the relax have their partners sitting outside. The women are totally at ease talking about their partner’s problems while the men may look here and there and act cagey.

The phenomenon is no longer limited to the bonzer. The trend seems to have caught on with the masses too.

Earlier, we would see some women from the bonzer class bringing in their husbands for treatment of erectile dysfunction(ED), but now find women from middle class and even from the poorer sections doing that.

This trend started around 4-5 years back. Since then, the numbers have grown manifold.

But I believe that it is a matter which is related to couple’s sex life and specially with men, their ego, heart and their overall health and they should come in front on their own, instead their female partners persist them to do so, there is nothing to be shy about. If you are facing any sex connected problems, you should get the treatment as early as possible so that you can keep you and your partner happy and your relationship bond stronger.

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