Common Sex Myths in India

by in General Health May 23, 2023

India is one of the most populous countries in the world not so much that, it is also the home of many religions leading to an array of beliefs and principles. Certainly there will be myths and stories touching the very private sex act. And it is fairly important for these myths to be explained out so that the couples in India need not worry about them anymore.

Myth #1 Men love sex more than women.
Ask ten women and you’ll prove this isn’t true. Women like to have sex whatever men do. It’s just that women are regarded to be the more conservative party in India. So the next point you want to have sex, don’t inquire your partner. Just do it. More often than not, she needs you to touch her and simply can’t be vocal about it.

Myth #2 Women hate porn.
Wrong. While half of India’s women population would rather do love-making in a bed lined with roses, some are keen to watch a porn flick or two prior to the act to get them going. Some women even want to watch it down with their partner. It’s just that they don’t want to provide even a suggestion of it.

Myth #3 the bigger, the better.
It is the most common myth believed by a lot of people in the world, not only in India. Many women feel that if their partner is completely endowed, they’ll have better sex. The fact is that vagina has sensory nerves of only about 4 centimeters from the outside. So if your partner is an amazing 12-inch gigolo, you indeed have no use for the other 8-inch that goes deeper. So why trouble with all of it?

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