5 Great Tips for Better Sex

by in Mens Health May 19, 2023

The key to enjoying superior intimacy with your partner is communication (or maybe non communication?). Most couples feel that their love life is tedious or just repetitive; this is so because they are unwilling to tell their partner what turns them on or off. And guys most women will inform you what they want in bed, you just have to ask (a recent poll by men health periodical showed that up to 87% of women were happy to trainer their men through sex). Here are a few tips on how you can spice up your love life.

1. Go beyond the conventional erogenous spots: A women has more sexually receptive parts on her body than just the clear ones, try exploring behind her knees, inside of her ankles, back of her neck, toes etc. you’ll be astonished with the results.

2. Watch Erotica with her: Most women enjoy watching porn as much as men do. They are just frequently too shy to ask their partners, so take the initiative and watch erotica with each other, this can be a enormous turn on for both the partners. Just make certain that the porn is in superior taste and not too wild, unless of course that is what both partners want to watch.

3. Don’t change your position on a whim: If you find that your partner is enjoying a exacting position during sex, make certain you don’t modify it suddenly, particularly if she is nearing a climax because that can put a dampener on the proceedings. You can always chat about trying out new and inexperienced positions before you have sex and talk through the change of location during lovemaking.

4. Break the routine: Sex can become tedious if it becomes a routine, especially, if it only happens at specific day and time of the week, every time. Break this sameness by varying the time of the day when you have sex, you can do it in the sunrise instead of at night, surprise her by coming home early one day and building out etc. The point is that sex is more amusing when it is spontaneous.

5. Try something different: Along with things like watching porn together, you can also trial with sex toys, just because your women wants to try enhancing her enjoyment with these toys doesn’t mean that you are not doing things right. In fact use of these will only demonstrate her how confident and certain you are of your own lovemaking abilities. She will absolutely appreciate your effort to make her heighten her sexual enjoyment. Just make sure you chat about this beforehand to see if she is contented with the idea.
These are a few tips to get you started on a new and thrilling sexual journey with your partner, as I said before the key to creating this work is communication. Your partner may sound unwilling in the beginning so you need to ease your partner into annoying out new things in bed. Never force anything on them, because that will have the defy affect of what you are trying to achieve. Pay attention to the details and the signals they send you to find out what will work for you both.

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