5 More Things to Avoid Before Sex

by in General Health May 19, 2023

A lot of folks think that enjoying good sex is merely about the act itself, though it is the most significant aspect of great intimacy, you should not disregard other details which lead up to a satisfying sexual encounter.

You want to pay attention to these lesser yet vital details especially some pre-sex habits or acts which may distract your mood while you are performing the sexual act.

However, these can be simply avoided provided you know what they are and how they can disrupt your bedroom fun and act as a spoilsport. Here are some of the most general things that couples often do without realizing the adverse affects they can have.

  • Don’t eat too much when you plan to have sex. This can deter your sexual performance, as you lean to feel a bit full and uncomfortable to be able to try different position in bed. Moreover, avoid consuming food things like onion, garlic, ginger or another smelling food, as it may annoy your partner while you are getting close to them.
  • Don’t slip between the sheets immediately after finishing your office work. Various people get their office work at home have the habit of finishing this pending work and then get into the bed for some intimate moments, but this is not a great plan. In such cases, chances are high that you still remain thinking about whether the work was done properly or not and with these thoughts running in your brain, you can’t ponder properly on the sexual act.
  • Don’t watch a horror or a depressing movie right before having sex. Such films may directly influence thought process, and in some cases even make you feel afraid or leave you with many questions that you keep pondering on. Now if you are bordered by such things while getting romantic with your partner, there are high chances of getting abstracted and spoiling all the fun.
  • Don’t make the kids sleep a few minutes before you plan a round of sex. Kids have very erratic sleep patterns and they might get up any accidental or odd time. therefore it’s better to make them go off to sleep at least a couple of hours before you move towards your bedroom with your partner, in order that by the time you plan to have some intimate moments, children are fast slumbering and won’t trouble you.
  • Don’t have a serious conversation or any heated argument before a round of sex. By doing this, you make an atmosphere of animosity and this will kill the passion which you and your partner need to enjoy your private moments. Also, after having any verbal clashes, your mood tends to stay a bit upset and this might show up in your sexual performance too and could ruin the pleasure.

These are some of the main things that you must avoid while you are gearing up for a sexual session. All of these tend to deter your bedroom performance and enjoyment. So, make sure to not entrust these mistakes either intentionally or mistakenly.

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