Bedroom Ambience: A Vital Ingredient for getting intimate

by in General Health May 22, 2023

‘A home is where the heart is’, is a very apt saying and it will be rightly apt to say that ‘BEDROOM’ is the most important chamber of your home heart, for it is the most personal, intimate room of your house. It is that peaceful and serene corner of your house, which, if decorated and set up unsuitable manner, can flash up and ignite the love life of the couples.

According to the antique sciences of Vaastushastra and fengshui, there are several principles, which if borne in mind, can actually encourage harmony, strike balance, create passion, discourage relationship stresses, encourage stability and offer romantic retreat to the couples.

So, all those couples who wish to spend time together with a sense of stillness, inspiring romance, the following tips will be worth the effort:

1. Appropriate and apt lighting: Both Vaastushastra and fengshui consider appropriate and apt lighting as the most vital factor, as it encourages positivity and creates just the right ambience required by the couples to get intimate and strengthen their relationship. Let the sunshine brighten up your special room during the daytime as it brings in positive energy.

2. Color Scheme: Opt for light green, blues, light creams and pastel sunglasses as they are calm and soothing. A tinge of reds would offer the necessary warmth.

3. Decoration: Adorn your bedroom walls with one or maximum two artwork depicting erotic or sensual images (non-vulgar). Invest some time in picking up the drawing pieces which convey a sense of serenity while suggesting intimacy. Along with this, further lighten up the place with attractive bed lamps/ lampshades to complement the romantic theme of your bedroom and further beautify it by placing photographs/ collage of both of you, to help make and ambience, wherein you can cherish the memories of romantic and happy moments spent together. This would help you two to find more intimate.

4. Aromatic Candles: Spread and fill up your room with a fragrant scent using scented candles, fragrant flowers or perfumed oils, as it will set the stage for correct emotions and help you to unwind, relax, invigorate as well as soothe and arouse you!!!

5. Better to Avoid: For all those couples wanting high levels of intimacy, a firm conclusion of keeping television sets, computers, exercise equipment and prominently clutter, would well be worth the effort- as it would help provide the JUST AMBIENCE required to relax and set your sexual inner being take off and fly.

Try these tips and see a theatrical improvement in your sex life and also reap the benefits of a tranquil environment to help both of you de-stress and relax in each other’s company.

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