Beware Of False STDs Treatment Products

by in General Health May 22, 2023

The Government plans to come down hard on some companies which are touting their products as effective treatments for curing sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, HIV, genital warts etc. These products which include the likes of C-Cure, Detox Formula, Herpaflor etc use misleading advertisements and claims which are not backed by scientific proof.

The biggest problem that these products create are that not only do they not treat specific STDs effectively, they also put at risk the health of the patient and their partners because a lot of their patients may have the tendency to not seek any further medical treatment under the misguided belief that these products will cure them of their ailments.

So if you or anybody you know of is suffering from any kind of STDs, it is very important to know that there are no over the counter drugs that are available which can cure STDs, almost all the proper drugs that are needed to treat these diseases need a doctor’s prescription.

Companies that are built-up and marketing these drugs take advantage of the fact that a lot of the people who are infected with these diseases are very embarrassed about their situation and feel more comfortable with buying and using these products anonymously because then they don’t have to meet their doctor and discuss their problem.

It is important to know that using these products will be detrimental to your health as you are going to ignore the tried and tested treatments that have been proven to cure sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t get done in by these products with the tall claims.

Remember to always consult your doctor before starting to use any such products, he will guide you in the right direction and inform you about the right medication available to treat your specific problem along with the necessary precautions. Doing this not only help you get better sooner but also help protect your partner from being infected.

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