Can Too Much Salt Put A Dampener On Your Sex Life?

by in General Health May 22, 2023

We all know how eating too much salt can harm our health, especially for men. It is one of the main reasons for high blood pressure, which is a killer. We in India are particularly fond of salt in not only our main meals but also in our snacks. The emergence of processed foods (which has a high quantity of salt) has also added more salt than required to our daily diet.

Now research is showing that consuming higher than normal quantities of salt can be harmful for men’s sexual health too. The relationship between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction is well documented, and according to this perusal done in Australia, higher than General intake of salt causes high blood pressure which in-turn is causing sexual problems for men.

Now you have even more incentive to cut down your daily intake of salt. This will not only benefit your common health by reducing the risk of strokes and heart failure but also your sexual health.

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