Do Men Go Through Menopause?

by in Mens Health May 23, 2023

Contrary to what many people think men do go through menopause but it is quite different from what the women go through. Technically menopause is a term that is used when a women reaches the end of her fertility. Male testes unlike the women ovaries can retain the ability to keep producing hormones up to their 80′s.

Men may experience a change in the function of their testes in their late 40′s, and this is noticed even more in their 70′s. Men don’t have a distinct period of menopause. Decrease in production of testosterone is usually due to aging but can also be caused by diseases as diabetes.

There is much debate on whether the decreasing function of the testicles causes symptoms like fatigue, loss of libido or erectile dysfunction (impotence). But what is certain is that these symptoms which can be caused by lower levels of testosterone can be treated by using hormone treatment.

You need to contact your doctor or a sexologist to help you guide and give the proper advice for this treatment. They will analyze your physical state and past medical history to determine if it is the appropriate treatment for you. You need to be cautious if you are suffering from prostate cancer or very high levels of cholesterol as replacing male hormones can worsen these.

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