Festivals in India and Its Effect on Libido

by in Health Care May 25, 2023

India is a land of festivals, and it brings a lot of joy and happiness to us and our families. But sometimes it can have an unintended effect on our relationship in the form of loss of sexual desire.

It is common for a couple to feel a degree of loss of libido during festivities and holidays. There are quite a few reasons for this, some of which are given below:

  • There can be a lot of stress during some festivals, for e.g. during Diwali, one can have extra financial burden due to buying of gifts for family and friends, painting of the house or buying new household items. This can lead to mental distress and will definitely affect the libido.
  • Distributing gifts can be also very stressful and time consuming especially in the big Metros like New Delhi and Mumbai. The physical toll (due to driving in heavy traffic) will also affect the person’s libido.
  • Some festivals require days of fasting and the reduced intake of food will also make a dent in the sexual desire of the person as he or she will not have enough energy to indulge in sex.

The way to keep the level of libido up during festivals and holidays will require the couple to plan in advance. Sit down with your partner before the festivities or holidays and chart out what needs to be done by each partner, divide the tasks between each other in such a way that the level of fatigue is reduced. Decide when to take a break from the frenetic activities and take out time for each other.

Give each other massages before having sex so that you feel relaxed and can take your intimacy to the next level. Remember not to force your partner to have sex if he or she doesn’t feel up-to it, they will appreciate your understanding and reward you with more intense sex when they are physically and mentally ready for it again.

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