Five Tips for Sexual Intimacy during Pregnancy

by in General Health May 20, 2023

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is amazing that can only be enjoyed if both the partners talk and communicate openly and candidly with each other.

The hopeful mother goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes in her body and her needs and the safety of her and the baby should be the main and the only priority; this means that her partner has to adjust and understand accordingly.

A lot of folks have doubts if it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy and I have written a post on this subject, which you can read here.

After you have gotten used to the new physical and psychological reality of your female partner, here are few tips on sexual intercourse during pregnancy:

1.         As mentioned above talking and accepting the physical and hormonal changes in the expectant mother goes a long way in eliminating frustrations for both partners, which is necessary if they are to enjoy sexual intimacy.

2.         Try avoiding sex in the first trimester if the pregnant woman suffers from fatigue, sickness or vomiting. The second trimester is the best time to have sex during pregnancy as the woman has more than likely overcome the trials and tribulations of the first trimester and will enjoy sex.

3.         Avoid rear entry intercourse and or vaginal sexual contact during pregnancy as it can cause venous air embolism which can be fatal for the woman if left untreated.

4.         Try different sexual positions to make sex as comfortable as possible for the pregnant woman. This is especially significant in the latter part of the pregnancy because the woman may feel physically cumbersome and uncomfortable during this time.

5.         Try other methods of intimacy beside sexual intercourse if the pregnant woman is placed on bed rest by her doctor or just does not feel up to the task. Hugging, kissing, giving light massages, caressing each other etc are good alternatives to sex, which also make both partners feel wanted and gets them closer not only physically but also emotionally.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is amazing to be enjoyed and not to be shied away from.  It needs understanding from both partners, especially the man. Do not indulge in it if your doctor has forbidden it for any type of medical reasons. In any case, if in doubt always consult your doctor for guidance.

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