Has Sound Wave Treatment for Impotence Effective & Safe?

by in Mens Health June 7, 2023

Any time there are any new growths in the field of treatment for erectile dysfunction there is huge media coverage & it is no different this time as major news agencies are giving widespread coverage to a recent study done where extra-corporeal shock wave therapy was used to improve sexual function of some men suffering from severe erectile dysfunction or impotence.

This is a alike technique which is used to break kidney stones, & before we get too excited, it’s important to note that the study was conducted on a relatively small number of patients (29 men) & the results are far from conclusive in my opinion to rate this type of treatment as effective.

The major drawback of this technique as I see it is that it is primarily a destructive one as it is used to break down things more than anything else (as demonstrated in the process of breaking kidney stones). So the long-term effects & the safety are question marks.

I am not dismissing this treatment out of hand but I feel that a lot more research needs to be done over a much longer period of time, connecting a larger number of volunteers before I can even think of endorsing it. But having said that it has been a development on which I for one will be keeping a keen eye out for.

Meanwhile if you undergo from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, I suggest consulting doctor or a qualified sexologist to get expert opinion & treatment.

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