Heart Implants to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

by in Mens Health May 29, 2023

In erectile dysfunction cases where the regular cure like Viagra, injections or penis pumps are non effective, a cardiologist in Cardiff (United Kingdom) has come up with a unique way of treating ED or impotence. In a primary, he performed a surgery in which he implanted a stent into the penis.

This was done to improve the blood flow, a stent which is a small metal tube that widens an artery, is usually used to treat blocked arteries in the heart. And now in a fiction use it has been used to improve the blood flow to the penis as the lack of blood flow is one of the biggest impediments to getting a proper erection.

The results in the short term have been encouraging but it remains to be seen what the long term effectiveness of this procedure is. Improving the blood stream to the penis may help a few patients but there are other things to be considered as well beside this when it comes to effectively treating erectile dysfunction (such as problems with the muscles in the penis etc.).

This is an expensive procedure with the cost being anywhere between US$ 6500 to US$ 11000 and not many cardiologists are performing this type of surgery in the penis. So I advise waiting to see some more concrete results and exhausting all other non invasive treatments before going in for this particular procedure. Consult your doctor or an experienced sexologist if you have a severe case of erectile dysfunction to get proper guidance and treatment.

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