How to Admit To Having an STD

by in General Health May 29, 2023

STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases are much more common than what mainly people realize. In this article I want to raise up another very vital and potentially the most embarrassing phase of suffering from STD’s; Owning up or admitting to being infected with STD or STI (sexually transmitted infection) to your partner.

This is of vital importance because the health of your partner is at hazard if you don’t disclose the information about yourself on time. And in this case the sooner you tell the better.

It can be tricky thing to do especially if you are about to engage in sex with a new partner, because sometimes in the warmth of the moment one can get carried away and indulge in the act without disclosing the fact about the STD. So it becomes imperative that you bring up the subject of your condition or infection the jiff you think that sexual intimacy is about to begin.

Be upfront and truthful about it and explain the risks and the treatment that you are taking to counter the problem. This can be stiff but if you can prepare yourself beforehand as to how you will broach the subject, it will be easier for you to do so when the time arises.

This gives your partner the occasion  to either give consent for further intimacy or not, and you should admit their decision in good grace and try to use comedy to relieve the embarrassing situation in case your partner decides not to go ahead.

Remember that certain types of STD’s (Chlamydia) can be passed on without actually indulging in sexual intercourse, so inform yourself about your stipulation and consult with your doctor on the risk of transmitting your condition to your partner.

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