Impact of Extramarital Affairs on Your Relationship and How to Avoid Them

by in General Health May 25, 2023

In my earlier post on reasons for extramarital relationships, I looked into the different scenarios that may escort you or your partner to look for sexual satisfaction outside of your present relationship, today let’s find out how this can influence your relationship and how you can avoid falling for it.

WEAKEN THE LOVE BOND: As you decide to step out of your marriage seeking Enjoyment with another partner, your married life goes for a toss. The adore connection you share with your  partner gets weakened, you may love them like forever but the reality that you’re concerned with someone else , may make you feel guilty  and this in turn weakens the love connection.

CREATE SEXUAL VACUUM: Most extra marital affairs are a result of sexual dissatisfaction. So, once you start getting that pleasure outside, it certainly affects your sexual bonding with your current partner to a great extent. The fact that you are sexually concerned with a second man/woman frequently leads to creating a hole between you and your partner. As you dedicate more time to that extra marital affair, the regularity with which you used to get intimate with your partner goes downward as a faster pace.

MAKE THE PARTNER FEEL DISOWNED: Even if your partner is ignorant of your extra marital relationship, they can notice the disinterest you show in them. This not only makes them feel resentful but also they get an emotion of being disowned in a relationship. If it continues for extended, there might be a condition when your marriage fails.

LEADS TO SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: Indulging in sexual works with more than one partner increases the odds of getting sexually transmitted infections, especially if sex is skillful without any protection. As an outcome, the sexual and mental health is place at stake for both you and your partner.

Steps to avoid this situation

1. Do not treat sex as a duty or compulsion done every night. Treat it as a delight and quality time spent with your partner and this will assist you making it a memorable experiences rather that something you loathe.

2. Whenever you feel there is some kind of sexual problem with you, instead of observance it only to yourself, tells your partner about the same. Consult a doctor, a sex specialist who can help you resolve your sex related problem.

3. Try to understand each other sexual preferences and esteem them. When it comes to trying out untried and unusual sex positions; do not reject or hesitate. Be ready to testing and make your partner feel that you value their sexual needs.

4. Do not quarrel with your partner over  things like; time when you should have sex, duration for how long a sex session  etc, because this makes it seem as if it’s being enforced on you. Show an equal contribution and enjoy it.

5. Share your sex desires with much more comfort. Once you are conscious of each other’s needs, give due significance to fulfilling those sexual fantasies. If you will not divide yours with them and listen to theirs, chances are high that they initiate seeking for someone else who is more concerned towards these bedroom desires.

6. Take out plenty of time to sit back and spoil in healthy conversations with each other. Not just sexual in nature but speak about your connection in general. This makes your partner feel safe, being loved and cared for hence doesn’t leave any scope for them to move out of the present relationship.

These are just a few essential things that will go a long way for you or your partner to avoid extramarital affairs, and improve your sex life, making sex a vastly satisfying experience for both partners.

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