Natural Foods Which Can Improve Your Sexual Drive

by in General Health June 7, 2023

You would have heard the word aphrodisiac a few times, an aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire. In easy terms, aphrodisiacs are substances that have a perceived ability (science has not proved it one way or the other) to boost your sex drive & create mood for sex & can also be very well used to arouse your partner for intimacy.

It’s their shape, appearance, taste & ingredients that can evoke your sexual senses arouse your partner & set your mood for intimacy. Here are a few inartificial aphrodisiacs which vary from fruits & vegetables to some special herbs & spices. These can be broadly used in two ways – either you consume them in a meal before sex or use them as a part of your foreplay acts to excite your mate.

CHOCOLATE: Also sometimes known as a substitute for sex, chocolates contain a certain chemical which produces hormones & makes you feel relaxed – a similar effect of enjoyment & pleasure that you get after having sex. Chocolate contains an alkaloid, thatis alike to caffeine. It also has a chemical that is believed to produce the feeling of being in love.

STRAWBERRIES, KIWIS, PEACHES, BLACKCURRANTS: These scrumptious looking juicy & sticky fruits act as perfect aphrodisiacs for their textures, colors & lusciousness. They are erotically suggestive & can be fun to use during foreplay to stimulate your mate. Also, presence of vitamin C in these fruits helps to keep the sexual organs in perfect health & it also increases the sperm count in men & also aid in fertility.

BANANAS, ASPARAGUS, CARROTS: These foods create visual stimulation, as they are similar in look to a male’s genitalia. With this phallic shape, they have mood-lifting effect on the brain & hence add on to your bedroom performance.

GINGER, GARLIC: They generate heat in the body & increases blood circulation in both men & women, due to which they act as perfect sex boosters. An ingredient which garlic contains increases blood flow to the sexual organs. But make certain after having garlic or ginger, you have taken several breath mints or mouth freshener, so that your breath does not smell bad.

Seafood: Consuming sea food immediately boosts up your metabolism rate due to the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids & hence you remain fresh throughout your sexual performance.

NUTS: You need stamina to be able to keep up your mood & perform sex for a longer time. Consuming these nuts including almonds, pistachios, walnuts, groundnuts, & raisins gives you strength & power that you can use in the bed. Furthermore, the smell of almonds is said to have the potential to arouse fervor in females. So you can even try lighting some almond scented candles to up your sexual mood.

CHILLIS: Chili peppers & red chilies help in raising the body temperature & as a result lead to induced sweating, which in turn boost your pleasure during sex.

BROCOLLI, SPINACH: Rich in Vitamin B, they also help in fertility. Other green leafy vegetables also give you more stamina & strength, which is important for sex.

The list is really long but these are some of the best & commonly used natural foods that have been used as aphrodisiacs. Some of these are meant to boost your sex drive, some can be used to get better your sexual performance & some are medically very good for your sexual health. But one thing you must make sure while using these aphrodisiacs is that you or your partner is not allergic to any of these because of the smell, flavor or touch.

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