Post Sex Blues? It’s More Common than What You Think

by in General Health June 7, 2023

The experience of negative feelings after a session of satisfactory sex among young women is more common than previously thought. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sexual Health. Almost 1/3rd of the 200 women in the study reported that they felt postcoital dysphoria or negativity after intercourse.

This is surprising considering that this is not a subject which is dwelled upon that much & normally post intercourse feelings are of well being & relaxation. But the women who feel postcoital dysphoria feel sad, irritable, tearful & restless.

The problem is that the cause of this not known, though there are a few theories around which suggest it may be due to some sort of sexual abuse experienced, psychological distress or even biological predisposition. But none of these are backed by conclusive studies as yet.

Undoubtedly more extensive research needs to be done on this problem & its causes, so that proper help can be given to the women who suffer from this.

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