5 Reasons: Why Erectile Dysfunction is a Relationship Killer

by in General Health May 19, 2023

Having inhibitions to talk about your sexual problems often act as slow poison that ruins a relation and regularly kills it. Most couples will experience a few type of difficulty in their sexual life related to sex position, premature ejaculation, unacceptable orgasm, erection dilemma, performance worry etc.

Of all the sexual problems, erectile dysfunction is the most general one that men come across. Not really a sickness, but medically talking, erectile dysfunction is a position where the male partner is unable to keep and maintain his erection for a desired period of time and loses it in between the act of intercourse, thus worsening to satisfy his partner.

Also, it’s noteworthy to mention that considering the fast changing social scenario, even the Indian rule has gone to an extent of setting out new standards for man-woman relations. Under this, the admirable Supreme Court of India March 21, 2006, ruled that a wife can suitably seek divorce on grounds of a husband’s sexual incapacity and his failure to consummate the marriage due to any such physical handicap.

Erectile dysfunction can be attributed to different reasons like diabetes, age factor, medical condition, side effects of illicit drugs, stress, performance anxiety, cardiac problems, psychological factors etc, but if couples don’t feel comfortable talking about it and finding a solution, it will only  harm  their relationship.

Though many men will try local medicines (read Viagra or their generic version) to enlarge their organ size and gain perfect erection but they would never bother to trace the symptoms behind their problem, which can be bodily and or psychological. Thus, erectile dysfunction tends to act as a deadly relationship wrecker, which not merely affects the male partner but also irks the female partner leaving her dissatisfied, unhappy and betrayed every time the couples indulge in an intimate session.

Here are 5 reasons why Erectile Dysfunction can come in way of your marital bliss. So make certain before it starts creeping in slowly in your love paradise and spoils the fun, you consult an expert who can advise you best possible solutions.

1. The fact that you fail to get a perfect erection for a fulfilling sex experience hurts your self-esteem and adversely affects your assurance level. This puts you in a mental-physical dilemma, which gets reflected in your routine events and the way you behave with your partner.

2. You also start sulking with a sense of embarrassment and humiliation, as you start to speculate about what your partner thinks of your sexual performance. This need of communication between you and your partner may divert your marriage towards the path of separation.

3. While performing in bed, the guilt of not satisfying your partner makes you feel imperfect and hence you cannot attach with her, neither sexually nor emotionally. The procedure of building a comfort region with your partner gets completely ruined as ED keeps you under fear all the time and holds you back from concentrating making love.

4. The recurring instances where you are unable to overcome this problem of ED can make you completely disinterested in perform of sex. Each time you attempt to perform an intercourse, you end up hallway in a conflict with your disturbed mental state and thus the entire fervor gets killed. And remember your partner will not like making love to a boring partner.

5. Accepting the fact that you suffer from a sexual difficulty makes you feel weak from inside, leaves you irritated and at times even becomes the reason behind your workplace anxieties. And that strain at workplace will have a direct impact on your relationship.

Having said it all, it’s for all men out there to realize that it’s the need of the hour for them to start taking these sexual problems seriously. In case you face any complexity in your sex life, do not vacillate in consulting a specialist to find out the best possible solution. After all, no one would want to let their marriage go for a toss over such issues.

Even your family members would want to see you living a happy and a contented married life. So make sure that you do every possible thing to avoid any chances of these sexual issues coming in way of your relationship. It’s rightly said that a ‘stitch in time saves nine’, thus I suggest that prior to this small sexual matter takes the form of a huge problem and creeps in your sexual paradise, it’s better to argue it with your doctor and look for their help. Don’t forget the key to a happy married life is to have a contented and pleasing relationship with your wife – both emotionally and sexually.

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